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Comment policy

The general tone of this blog is meant to be positive and celebratory, so it would be nice if comments were also in that vein.  However, constructive criticism is welcome – obviously not every-one is going to find the same stuff happy as we do, and we want to hear those different perspectives.

Sexist, racist, classist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic and fat-phobic comments are all forbidden. As are victim-blaming comments, and comments of a violent nature. No matter how much you feel the person in question may deserve violence.

We are delete-happy. Play nice. Whines about how mean we are to delete your comment will be deleted, and will probably get you banned. And please, no complaints about us impeding your free speech. If you really want to say it, get your own blog.

Also, we don’t mind swearing but we do mind people who write in ALL CAPITALS.

These are the general rules, but the different contributors might take slightly different approaches, and generally who ever wrote the post is in charge of moderating the thread.

Rachel also blogs at A Second Thought, and so is likely to apply her bingo card rule here (if she can use your comment to mark a square on a bingo card in her collection, your comment gets deleted).

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