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Today In Cheerful News…

January 18, 2011
  1. I’m back! Kind of. I’m in the middle of exam season, which is always a good excuse to blog. Also, over on A Second Thought, I’ve been revamping my bingo card collection. It’s now up to thirty four, and includes a bisexual bingo card to please one of my commenters, because I’m lovely that way!
  2. Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy, the gay men who were refused a double bedroom in a B&B on the grounds that Jesus didn’t approve of that kind of thing, have won their court case and have each received £1,800 in damages. Somewhat foolishly, the Christian B&B owners tried to argue that it was their views on marriage which had prompted their actions – but Mr. Hall and Mr. Preddy are civil partners, which has the same legal status. So there!
  3. Parental leave laws will hopefully be changing for the better soon. I don’t think David Cameron will like this very much. So that’s another reason to be happy! Also, to the managers who have been wheeled out to give quotes about how hard it would be to keep track of all those men who want parental leave – if you can’t sort out staffing levels, you shouldn’t be a manager. In particular, I suggest that David Frost, who said “how is an employer expected to plan and arrange cover with this fully flexible system?”, should be required to work shifts in a department store for a while. After trying to plan his life around shifts that change at the last minute, and rotas that only appear the day before they’re meant to start, he’d realise that parental leave – which is finite, and sits within quite a rigid framework –  is actually pretty easy to administer.
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