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Wednesday Night Song – Te Aviso, Te Anuncio

November 10, 2010
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Once upon a time, I studied Spanish, and actually got quite good at it. Good enough to write a short essay on the effect the International Brigades had in the Spanish civil war (the 1936-1939 one; they’ve had a few civil wars in their time!), and simultaneously thoughtless enough to believe that I could research material for a presentation on prostitution (in Spanish, naturally) using the school computer network. If the word in Spanish wasn’t “prostitución” I might just have got away with it. Maybe. Anyway, once I’d realised that I’d need to research that one entirely at home, I didn’t do too badly in that exam, although my teacher was a bit surprised when I told him the topic I’d picked.

I mention this because every so often, usually when my maths assignments aren’t going so well, I decide I’ll do some Spanish instead. This generally means I stick on a couple of Shakira songs and attempt to sing along to them, and it makes me feel a whole lot better, although it never really helps me finish my assignments. The actual video for Te Aviso, Te Anuncio is a bit full of fail, though, so instead, have the karaoke version (lyrics under the cut, literal translation here):

Se que olvidarte no es asunto sencillo
Te me clavaste en el cuerpo como un
Pero todo lo que entra ha de salir
Y los que estan tendran que partir
Empazando por mi

Talvez tu no eras ese para mi
No se como se puede ya vivir
Queriendo asi

Estan patetico, neurotico, satirico y sicotico
Tu no lo ves
El tango no es de a tres
Ahi voy planeando escapar y me sale al reves
Pero voy a intentarlo una y otra vez voy

Ay te aviso y te anuncio que hoy renuncio
A tus negocios sucios
Por ti me quede como Mona Lisa
Sin llanto y sin sonrisa
Te aviso que estoy de ti vacunada
Que no me importa nada
Que el Cielo y tu madre cuiden de ti
Ya me voy, ya me fui, es mejor asi
Me voy, sera mejor asi

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