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Made in Dagenham.

October 14, 2010
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I posted a while ago* about being excited about this coming out. I saw it on Tuesday, and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s made me want to go and look up the details of the strike to see how to see how accurate it is.

Sally Hawkins was, as always, brilliant. She gives some brilliant speeches, but I think my favourite moment was the shouting match with her husband. And Miranda Richardson pulled off the impressive feat of portraying a powerful, domineering woman without once reminding me of Queenie from Blackadder! The film managed to be funny without detracting from the seriousness of the cause that the women were fighting for.

I’m not giving away too much by saying that the film has a happy ending, as the strike contributed to the passing of the 1970 Equal Pay Act. Whilst women in the UK, and elsewhere, are yet to achieve equal pay in real terms, I think it is worth celebrating that moment. Partly in gratitude, but also as a source of inspiration – a lesson in what it is possible to achieve.

But I think one of the most pleasing things about it was that it was as, Jo Tamar at HaT points out, a woman-centred story. And those are few and far between in films at the moment.

*Clearly when I said car park I meant car factory. Ahem.

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