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D’you wanna go to the seaside?

September 19, 2010

Via Hoyden About Town and The Guardian, a truly inspiring story:

The mood among the 15 Israeli women is a little tense, but it’s hardly surprising – they’re about to break the law and with it one of the country’s taboos. They plan to drive into the occupied West Bank, pick up Palestinian women and children and take them on a day trip to Tel Aviv.

The women, Israeli and Palestinian, went to the seaside for the day. As Beppie commented at the HAT article,

“one of the most powerful feminist things we women can do is be friends with each other.”

I think everybody can do with a bit of friendliness in their lives, especially between groups of people who are constantly being told they can’t be friendly. And this is just another example of the fact that nice people are nice everywhere, no matter what groups they belong to.

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