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Today In “Imaginative Protests”…

September 17, 2010

Via the BBC:

“One of the creators of Father Ted has said he “couldn’t be more proud” after anti-Pope protesters used placards inspired by the sit com.

On Thursday, one demonstrator in Edinburgh carried a sign reading “Down with this sort of thing”. The same slogan appeared on a placard carried by Fr Ted in the episode where the priest and his sidekick, Fr Dougal Maguire, are ordered by their bishop to protest outside their local cinema.”

On a slightly related note, my Irish grandmother (who was prone to this sort of thing) spent many years not talking to one of the extended family, who had once responded to her offer of a cup of tea by saying “no, thank you, Mrs. Doyle.” (It was an accurate response, if a little tactless, so naturally my parents and I found it hilarious.)

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