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August 22, 2010

My hectic working schedule and imminent holiday means that today is my only free day for blogging until I’m back in September. I tried to find something happy to write about in the news, but that didn’t go so well, so instead, have a late-night conversation in which me and J are sleepily discussing responses to nosy questions about when a straight couple is planning on spawning.

Me: I prefer the “shoes on the cat” response.

J: What?

Me: You haven’t heard that one? It’s when you say, “look, if I wanted to hear the patter of tiny feet, I’d put shoes on the cat.”

J: [getting the giggles] Imagine a blacksmith trying to nail shoes onto a cat’s paws!

Me: I don’t think cats would want to wear horseshoes.

J: [indignantly] They’re not horseshoes, they’re catshoes!

J fell asleep shortly afterwards, so I didn’t have time to ask him what these catshoes would look like. Perhaps I’ll write a sequel when I find out.

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