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May 24, 2010

It’s exam season. In fact, I have my first one this afternoon. So I’m not writing much. At least, not much that isn’t along the lines of “the image of a map theta is the set of all points epsilon acted on by theta given that epsilon is within the domain of theta”. That should get me a mark or two. Maybe three if I then say what the preimage of theta is.

Anyway. Arwyn writes at Raising My Boychick. As you can no doubt guess, this is often a parenting blog. I like it not only for that, but also because she has provided a space on her blog for a series called Naked Pictures of Faceless People. It’s a place for people to write about things that are too personal to have their names – or even screen names – attached. Arwyn keeps the posts as anonymous as they can possibly be. Obviously, some of these topics can be triggering, so go carefully. But it’s a fantastic project, and deserves a mention of its own. I’ve spent a lot of time reading the archives of Raising My Boychick now, so it’s about time I acknowledged it!

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