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Today In Cheerful News

April 14, 2010

Primark has withdrawn its childrens’ padded bikinis from sale. Which seems to be a good thing, if only because bikinis for little girls are weird. For a start, they don’t have breasts to cover.

On the other hand, I’ve read and heard similar comments in the past concerning padded bras (not bikini tops) for young-ish girls/ teenagers, and at that point, I start to disagree. Because you know what’s not nice, when you’re just starting to develop breasts? The idea that everybody can see your (now disturbingly large*) nipples. And you know what can help with that? Padded training bras. So padding has its place. Just not perhaps in the swimming costume of a seven-year-old.

Along similar lines, the BBC also have a feature on another negative aspect of the treating-small-children-as-adults phenomenon: children are now not being fed enough at nursery. Specifically, they are not being fed enough fat or carbohydrates. This isn’t, on the face of it, a particularly cheerful thing, but what is cheerful is that the BBC have paused in the OMG OBESITY!!! ELEVENTY!!!1!1!!! panic to point out that actually, children need food to grow. Which is a nice little burst of common sense.

*disturbing to you, that is, because your body has suddenly changed.

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