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Happy International Women’s Day

March 8, 2010

Today is International Women’s Day! I must admit, I haven’t really done much to celebrate it. I’ve mainly been failing to finish off my thesis. But that has involved reading about some amazing Victorian women, like Bessie Rayner Parkes, Lina Eckenstein*, Frances Margaret Taylor, Anna Jameson and Georgiana Hill**.

Hmmm, I might start putting up biographies of them once the thesis is actually handed in. Also, a prize to anyone who can guess the connection between these women that I’m writing on. And no, I’m not referencing Spartacus or Wikipedia in my thesis.

*I couldn’t find anything open-access on the web on her, but I think the description of  ‘feminist polymath’ suggests something about how awesome she was.

**I’ve been able to find pretty much nothing on her life. To the point were I’m not even sure if it’s the same one wrote this cookery book as did this history book.  My instinct is that there was more than one Georgiana Hill, because there seems to be a gap in publications under that name.


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