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Happy Things, in List Form

February 23, 2010
  1. I have had a birthday. I’m 22, which means I qualify for the higher level of minimum wage – no more exploitation for me! Ah, sarcasm. How I love thee. No, the important thing about birthdays is cake. I have had cake. NOM.
  2. I have given myself an evening off in which to eat the cake. Fucking fantastic. I should do this more often, if I can do it without endangering my degree.
  3. Therefore, I have had time to go gadding about on the internet. Hooray!
  4. Now that I have gadded, I think that Happy Bodies is a place we should be pleased about. They like food. And drawing over cut-out pictures from magazines to make a point.
  5. Also, there is a post on the internet called what pregnant women won’t tell you. Ever. Ah, the paradox, it melts my mind. But I like the honesty of the post. It’s refreshing.
  6. Have a lolcat:

Photo: grey cat with very short whiskers. Caption: "experience cat gives advice - lited candils iz not for nom"

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