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Today In “News That’s Better Than Nothing”

February 17, 2010
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The full-body scanners currently being used at Heathrow and Manchester airports “may be” illegal, according to the Equality and Human Rights Commision, via the BBC.

“The commission has previously said scanners could breach an individual’s right to privacy under the Human Rights Act…. [The scanners] produce “naked” images of passengers, and the commission then said it was concerned especially for the privacy of certain groups such as disabled people, the elderly, children and the transgendered community.”

Of course, “A spokesperson [for the Department for Transport] said passengers who were randomly selected for screening would not be chosen because of any personal characteristics.”

So that’s alright then.

Oh, wait. My mistake. That’s bullshit. Let’s hope the EHRC manages to get the government to back the fuck off.

In other news, a gay Conservative shadow minister tells us that the Conservatives are all in favour of Teh Gayz now, possibly because Labour and the Lib Dems have also identified them as, you know, potential voters. I’m glad we had him to clarify, anyway, because as of now, there has been no sign of any specific LGBT policies on the Conservative website.

As I wrote to explain my voting preferences in a recent student survey, I’m the mixed-race, bisexual granddaughter of immigrants. There are very few parties who would a) acknowledge my existance as a voter and b) not assume that I’m going to somehow give them the lurgy. So this is a subject close to my heart, although not exactly dear to it, as you can imagine.

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