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Kill Or Cure?

February 13, 2010

Things I have enjoyed in my statistics lectures this week:

  1. The pie chart made to look like Pacman, with the title “Percentage of graph that resembles Pacman”. Though I think it presents a logical dilemma, no?
  2. The news that one of our projects will involve analysing the voting results of G W Bush’s dodgy election.
  3. Being directed to Kill or Cure, one of the many websites involved in charting the progress of the Daily Mail’s attempts to divide the world into those things that cure cancer, and those that prevent it. Many things appear in both categories – eggs, for example, or wine. Or measles. It makes me think that I should start a similar project, detailing everything that is good for pregnant women, bad for pregnant women, or both. Wine would once again appear as both, I suspect.

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