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Today In Cheerful News…

January 5, 2010

As if we needed another reason to hope that the Queen makes it till 2012 (she’ll be there for the Olympics coming to London; she’ll have reigned for as long as Queen Victoria, the nation’s longest-reigning monarch to date; she’ll still have the crown, as opposed to her unpopular son), the BBC reported today that if she does, we’ll all get an extra day’s holiday!

And on a different note, to be filed under “Yet More Contradictory Advice For Women”, “The G-spot ‘doesn’t appear to exist’, say researchers“. This in contrast to last year’s article on the subject, which said “Female G-Spot ‘Can Be Detected’“. Perhaps they should all just have read this article from Scarleteen. I was going to try to emphasise parts of what I’ve quoted below, but stopped when I realised I was emphasising the whole bloody quote!

“often enough, the reason people to want to put so much focus on [the G-spot] seems to be about wanting to deny the importance of the clitoris and make it seem like vaginal intercourse should be enough for both partners to feel satisfied with and reach orgasm through, even though we know, from decades of study — and goodness known how many folks driving themselves up a tree to desperately try and make that happen — that isn’t true. …

Here’s the funny part, though: based on everything we know to date, it’s clear that the G-spot is PART of the internal clitoris, making argument about them as two separate parts moot. The G-spot and urethral sponge have been linked, it’s just that research is still sparse to determine if they are the same, different, related or unrelated (as research of female-bodied sexually in regard to pleasure is still sparse, period). Feminist healthcare and female-centered sexologists do most frequently recognize the urethral sponge as what is typically called the G-spot, and do most frequently recognize it as yet one more part of the clitoris as a whole.”

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  1. Welcomed Consensus permalink
    January 5, 2010 11:14 pm

    Hear, hear. Just as engorgement is necessary for male sexual pleasure, so is female engorgement. What has been named the “g-spot” is actually the underneath side of the clitoris where it forks and become the clitoral legs or crura. This spot (which are actually two spots, not just one) is the most prone to engorgement as either leg runs adjacent to the urethral sponge [and] has drawn the most attention because it is the easiest to access.

    However, upon further engorgement in the pelvic region, there are several other places that become accessible that are extremely pleasurable.

    [This comment has been slightly edited and shortened for clarity, and the website provided has been removed. I could give a few good reasons for this – it’s a US-specific site; it operates as a business; specifically, it generates revenue through links – but really, I’ve done it because I’m a heavy-handed moderator. And this is non-negotiable. ~ Rachel]

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