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Hello there.

November 25, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posting recently – my Internet has been slow, and I’ve been lurching from one essay crisis to another.* And essay crises can only be coped with through fluff, so fluff is what you shall have.

First, from the BBC a nice video of a cat distracting a police officer. By climbing on his head. Cats rock.

Second, Kitten War. Not kittens fighting, but a website where you look at pictures of kittens and decide which is cutest.

Thirdly, Zoo Borns. Baby animals!

*Do know anything about the extent to which NGOs undermine the power of the state in development? I sure as fuck don’t, and I’ve just written 1,200 words on it. Also, any thoughts on whether choice in education perpetuates inequality would be appreciated. Preferably 1,500 words of thoughts by 5pm tomorrow. Kthanx

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