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Today In Cheerful News…

September 2, 2009

It’s a couple of days old, so I’m most likely a little late with it, but Hilary Lister, who is quadriplegic, has set a new record by sailing solo around Britain. And in doing so, she’s raised £30,000 for her charity, which aims to help disabled and disadvantaged adults who want to sail.

Also, and making a pleasant change, the ASA has ruled against American Apparel, banning them from repeating adverts in which the model appeared to be underage.  American Apparel tried to argue that it was a perfectly reasonable advert, since the model was actually 23 – which is a somewhat disingenious argument when you consider the ages of just about any actor who’s ever starred in a teen flick. Presumably, the ASA had that thought as well, since they’ve ignored American Apparel and branded the advert “inappropriate” and capable of causing “serious offense”. Yay for good sense prevailing!

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