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Today In Cheerful News…

August 21, 2009

This is the first post I’ve ever written on a deliberately happy blog. As such, I have stage fright, and so I’m going to – Look!! A distraction!!!

Well. With that all over and done with, it occurred to me recently that my semi-regular feature over on the Sheffield Fems site, while informative for anybody not willing to trudge through the BBC’s news pages, was not particularly happy.

So I decided that if I could find – for the sake of argument – three items of not-happy news, I could bloody well find one item of happy news to counteract it. At least one.

Therefore, I thought I would write about the momentous news that a species of bat, although “bizarre” looking, is actually quite talented. More specifically, it can bite harder. Mwahahahahaaaaa!

Also, and presumably unrelated, Michelle Obama is now formally recognised – in a list! – as being really quite powerful. Specifically, she is number 40 out of 100. Therefore, 99 other women are also really quite powerful, and it is probably worth looking at said list to find out who they are. You know. Just in case we need them when the revolution comes.

The Queen, apparently, is number 42. As an avid Hitchhikers’ Guide To The Galaxy fan, I’ll admit that this pleases me probably more than it should.

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