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Hottest 100 women

August 9, 2009

The first half of the Hottest 100 Women list is now up! This is a really cool project set up by Naomi Eve in response to an Australian radio station poll of Hottest 100 ever songs which included ridiculously few female artists.

I’ve written elsewhere about the idea of cycles of forgetting – it’s something I’ve come across in literature on feminism and on women as historians. Too often female achievement is obscured and neglected, and that creates an atmosphere where such achievement is seen as rare and exceptional, discouraging women from even trying.

Uncovering those women is a feminist act. It creates a narrative in which we can set our own success. Yes, in an ideal world we wouldn’t have to make these lists, we wouldn’t have to fight to get these voices heard. But we aren’t there yet. And we need to recognise not just those women that made it, but the barriers they had to over-come, and the fact that there were probably lots of equally talented women out there who didn’t get that chance.

(Background on Hottest 100 at Hoyden About Town.)

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